By Carrie Clevenger, Partner at CleverMac PR

I’ve been traveling to Italy each year since 2011 and experiencing moments which have changed my life, my perspective, and my heart on many levels. See, I am extremely fortunate to have an Italian best friend. He moved back to Rome in 2012 and I make the pilgrimage at least once a year to visit him and a beautiful country and its people. 

In the summer of 2014, we went on an adventure taking us from Rome all the way to Sicily by car and ferry. Each time we stopped, we’d take a photo and hashtag it #perchenovacanza, which means, “Why not vacation?” 

This little saying was born out of a simple moment in when I happily accepted a coffee, responding with “Per che no? Vacanza.” Within minutes of our first post, we noticed other Italians using this hashtag and in a matter of days it was going a viral within our circle of friends and networks. And, in fact, whenever my friend and I were spotted together we were often greeted with nothing more than shouts of “Per che no! Vacanza.”

It looks like we’ve started something here.

Since that trip I have been back twice. #Perchenovacanza has grown into a philosophy that me and my Italian friends share. It’s simply an agreement to live in the moment and experience as much as you are offered because life is too short to say, “I wish I had… .”

When I returned from my most recent trip I felt myself wanting to share these stories and adventures I have been living with more people; to share a story about amazing friendship and letting go of my own reservations and being truly present. 

It only took a matter of days until I decided to start my own travel blog, which focused solely on my trips to Italy. Between the mountain climbing and amazing food I have experienced, this story needs to be shared, as the world needs more happiness. 

So, I promptly started #PERCHENOVACANZA – The Art of Living in the Moment. The Italians loved the idea and when I officially launched it with a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, they responded back with #perchenovacanza.

I’ve come to learn that life is incredibly, delicately short and if we do not chase that dream, the only one that suffers is the self.  Perhaps this will encourage another woman like myself to do that one thing she’s always wanted to do. At least that is my hope!

Remember to say, “yes” and always #perchenovacanza.